Poznań SST Telescope 3

Out team is proud to inform that a project for a new telescope has been started. The telescope will be cooperating with other telescopes from GATS network. It will be called Poznań Satellite Telescope 3 (PST3), as a recognition of the rich heritage of Poznań Astronomical Observatory in building satellite cameras in 1960's and 1970's.

PST3 is a unique concept of combining several instruments into a highly efficient composite device - a cluster of telescopes ranging from 0.2 to 0.7 meters in diameter. This telescope's main features are:

  • fully robotic operation and orchestration of 5 independent OTAs
  • up to 150 frames per second from 5 highly efficient CMOS cameras
  • up to 300 000 images and multiple TB of data acquired each night
  • a cluster of computers for real-time photometric, astrometric and orbital analysis of incoming data
  • automatic scheduling for over 17000 satellite targets
  • up to 4000 Earth orbiting satellites tracked every night
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