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  1.   1.  2013-Oct-3-22
  2.   2.  2013-Aug-22-28
  3.   3.  2013-Aug-11
  4.   4.  2012-May-28
  5.   5.  2011-Nov-14
  6.   6.  2011-Jul-17
  7.   7.  2011-Jun-19
  8.   8.  2011-Jun-13
  9.   9.  2011-Jun-12
  10. 10.  2011-Mar-15
  11. 11.  2011-Jan-18
  12. 12.  2011-Jan-17
  13. 13.  2011-Jan-16
  14. 14.  2011-Jan-15
  15. 15.  2010-Nov-26
  16. 16.  2010-Nov-10
  17. 17.  2010-Nov-04
  18. 18.  2010-Nov-02

1.  2013-Oct-3-22

Installation of RBT/PST2 in Winer Observatory.

2.  2013-Aug-22-28

Packing and preparing the telescope and spectrograph for transportation to Winer Observatory in Arizona.

3.  2013-Aug-11

First stability tests of our spectrograph with dedicated iodine cell attached to the telescope.

4.  2012-May-28

The new spectrograph of RBT/PST2 has been installed into a thermostatic box inside the dome. Last night "first light" has been acquired - the first night stellar spectrum (of Arcturus) with RBT/PST2.

5.  2011-Nov-14

A new mast with weather station and all-sky camera has been installed.

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6.  2011-Jul-17

A video monitoring system has been launched inside and outside the dome.

A typical view from two of our video cameras.

7.  2011-Jun-19

The new telescope moving to find horizontal home switch position.

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8.  2011-Jun-13

The new telescope has been installed inside the dome.

9.  2011-Jun-12

The new telescope has just arrived in huge boxes.

10.  2011-Mar-15

First light of a fully assembled new echelle spectrograph constructed for the GATS project.

In the left picture optical layout of spectrograph elements is presented. Next one shows one of the first, a bit out of focus, flat lamp spectrum (made with Canon camera). The final picture shows primary constructor of the spectrograph - dr Faig Musaev (right) and head of the GATS project - dr Krzysztof Kaminski (left) standing in front of the spectrograph during first tests in a dark room.

11.  2011-Jan-18

Our new robotic dome is ready to host a telescope. This is a special model with a door to get inside from the ground (necessary only during a test phase).

12.  2011-Jan-17

Second day of construction, photo by Michał Kałużny.

Time-lapse video shows two days of work, video by Michał Kałużny.

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13.  2011-Jan-16

First day of construction, photos by Michał Kałużny.

14.  2011-Jan-15

Construction of a 5.5m dome in our testing place in Poznań began today.

15.  2010-Nov-26

A foundation is ready and waiting for a new dome. In the picture it is covered by a first snow this year. A net of ditches have been created for optical fibres to connect a new telescope with Internet and for video monitoring system.

16.  2010-Nov-10

A first ditch has been created for power and communication cables. You can see our old 20cm Zeiss building in the background.

17.  2010-Nov-04

A hole has been dug into the ground of our park. Soon a foundation for our new 5.5m dome will be constructed here.

18.  2010-Nov-02

Construction of a foundation in our testing place in Poznań has begun today.

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